Dear Traveler,

Visit Balkans is a project that we at Atlantic Tour in Bucharest have launched over 13 years ago, and through which we had the great privilege to show many people from all over the world a lesser-known part of Europe, shrouded in mystery, legends and old traditions. A part of Europe that, in spite of the name we chose for our project, stretches far beyond the Balkans region.
We have in other words, symbolically extended the Balkans to encompass a bigger part of Eastern and Central Europe - from the shores of the Adriatic Sea to the Polish lowlands; and East to the land of Dracula and Eurasia.

You might wonder why, and the explanation is simple: there are so many historical, societal and cultural similarities, and so many connections between all the different countries, that it would be quasi impossible to get 'the big picture' if we were to only talk about the region that is generally defined as the Balkans.

The region we are introducing to you through this project is, even today, a strange, fantastic land at Europe's frontier. It is a region that combines traditions, the traditional and the modern; but in some ways, traveling through the Balkans is like traveling in time; it is here that you can taste home made brandy, see horse drawn carts making their way to open air farmers markets and people wearing their traditional costumes walking to church every Sunday morning. It is a wonderfully diverse region, with beautiful landscapes, a wealth of traditions and with a unique cultural heritage that has always fascinated travelers; and we hope that you too will enjoy your experience with us.

My colleagues and I would love to show you everything this region has to offer, so if I have managed to get your attention in these few lines and you are thinking about visiting the Balkans, send us an e-mail, or stop by our office. We are always available in our Bucharest and Sofia offices and have coffees and maps ready for us to design your next journey!

Eva Gligor
CEO Atlantic Tour